Catskill Christian Assembly - A Christian service camp located in the heart of the Catskill Mountains of New York State. A summer schedule includes sessions for young people to spend time in the study of God's Word, having fun, and making new friends in a beautiful environment. 

IDES - International Disaster Emergency Services, an organization that responds to disasters in the United States and around the world.  IDES works with local preachers and missionaries to ensure help is used properly.  There are many countries that receive assistance each year through IDES. 

Sudan African Missions - a Bible College mission to train and support men to establish new churches in their home and near-by villages.

Haitian Christian Outreach - Founded in 1985, HCO is working in Haiti to do something that will last.  Partnering with Haitians, HCO operates several schools and a medical clinic and a hospital.  Mobile clinics are held too.  Programs help with the feeding of students.  Several churches have been started around Port au Prince and in the southeast region.  A Christian camp has been started and efforts are underway to help Haitians become self-supporting. 

Eden Children's Village - Eden Children's Village has been created in Mhangura, Zimbabwe to assist children-at-risk in the Makonde District of Mashonaland West. It is a ministry of Goshen Christian Church in Goshen, Indiana. Eden Children's Village has been formed in partnership with Christians in Zimbabwe and the United States.
CRAM  -  CRAM directs ministries from Hunchuncity, China, that reach into North Korea. In China, the Good News Bakery offers weekly classes on bread making. Hope Farm raises vegetables, rice, cows and pigs to teach animal husbandry and to provide food for those in China and North Korea. Hope Foreign Language School teaches English, Japanese, and Korean in a setting of hope and love. In Rajin, North Korea, the Canaan Kindergarten offers 40 rural children a place to study and play.

Woodland Church of Christ Misson Trips
The congregation is seeking the Lord's guidance on reaching out to to Eden Children's Village in Zimbabwe.   Funding will be put aside as possible to help cover the cost of the trip. 
Rapha House - A ministry that is rescuing young girls and women from prostitution and slavery in Cambodia.