Greetings!  We are glad you are visiting our website.  We hope you will learn about the life of our body of believers while you are here.  We try to be a dedicated group of saved people who love God and serve him with the gifts he has given.  We believe real Christians live transformed lives for God. 

           Please visit our worship service too.  We worship by singing praise to God, celebrating his Son’s death, burial, and resurrection in our communion service, and sharing truth from God’s Word.  After worship, and after a time of refreshments, we have classes to study the Bible for all ages. 

            We are a friendly group that welcomes visitors.  You don’t need to dress up.  Most of us wear casual clothing for worship.  Everyone is welcome.  When you come, introduce yourself to us and we will do our best to answer your questions and help you worship.  

            Should you desire to become a Christian or would like to schedule a Bible study in your home, please feel free to call one of our Elders for an appointment. 

God bless,

Woodland Church of Christ Elders

Steve Kovacs

Bob Charbonneau

Carl Palarino